HOA Rules to Know Before Buying Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows: Know HOA Rules

Before you research styles or start to request replacement windows estimates, your first step should be to know the rules.

You may be wondering why.

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Most HOA’s care about window style, type, and color when it comes to replacement windows. It’s your job to know what your HOA will and will not allow when buying replacement windows. 

Why does your HOA care? Depending upon the community, most window replacement challenges occur when…

  • Windows do not match unit to unit or with the aesthetic of the neighborhood.
  • Windows do not meet regulations set by the HOA to improve the overall home value of the community (this often occurs with older construction).
  • Homeowners install partial replacement windows when a total replacement is required.

To avoid these common issues, the HOA has rules on the style, type, and color for the windows that they will eventually approve.

Window Style

First, it’s essential to know what style of windows you currently have and what your HOA will approve. Knowing the basic window styles will also help you communicate more efficiently with your certified window dealer. There may be an opportunity for you to update or swap out one window style for another if the exterior aesthetic looks the same. For example, you may be able to replace a fixed window with a new casement window that would allow you additional ventilation. Discussing your needs with a dealer along with the rules you have to abide by will help you decide if it is worth proposing a new window style to your HOA board.

Window Type

The process starts to get more technical when you are considering window types. You may find that your HOA will require a specific window type, or they may only care about the window style. Either way, when researching replacement windows, it’s a good idea to understand the types of windows available and why one may be a better option over another for your replacement windows project. Here are some examples:

Vinyl Windows: 

      • Can be painted
      • Can be more affordable
      • Can help regulate your home’s internal temperature

Aluminum Windows: 

    • Durable
    • Can improve insulation
    • May feature a sleeker aesthetic (like a thinner frame style)

Once you know the rules of your HOA, deciding between vinyl windows and aluminum windows is as easy as talking with your certified window dealer to get answers to any additional questions you may have about the ideal replacement windows for your home.

Also, keep in mind that depending on what part of the country you live in, there may be additional window requirements. These requirements could include things like impact-resistant glass in and near hurricane-prone zones. Older communities may require these types of updates for your window replacement project because local ordinances have changed since the initial installation of your windows.

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Window Color

Are you the type that thumbs through home decor magazines or looks at Pinterest home makeovers? Or maybe you’re more subtle, and you go a few blocks out of your regular commute or daily walk to look at different neighborhood homes. No matter your interest level in window colors, odds are, your HOA will want to have a say in your window replacement project. For your HOA, it is essential to have a cohesive neighborhood that is aesthetically consistent. Also, this type of consistency can help increase home resale values when potential buyers can see the uniform quality of each home in your neighborhood. Once you know your options based upon  your HOA rules, it’s an ideal time to talk with your window dealer about possible window colors.

Color options may include the following:

  • White windows
  • Bronze windows
  • Bone white windows
  • Black windows
  • Clear anodize (color looks like stainless steel) windows
  • Mahogany red windows
  • Walnut brown windows
  • Hazelnut brown windows

Depending upon the window manufacturer and the type of windows you select, multiple color options may be available for your replacement windows project. 

By reaching out to your HOA first, you’ll save yourself time. You will have the window knowledge you need to share with your window dealer to select the right windows for your home.

Now you know what is required to kick off your window replacement project. All that’s left is to attend your next HOA meeting or email your HOA board for guidance.

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