Selecting the appropriate impact resistant glass make-up is an important part of your window and door selection.

Step 1: Select between laminated glass or insulated laminated glass.

Laminated Hurricane Impact Resistant Glass is comprised of two sheets of glass bonded together with a protective interlayer. Laminated glass is the primary hurricane barrier used in impact resistant windows. Laminated glass is also used in the windshields of cars. Hurricane impact resistant products use a thicker sandwich of glass and special film interlayer to make the glass unit stronger. Laminated glass also eliminates 99% of UV rays, reduces noise transmission, provides enhanced security protection for your home, and reduces the air conditioning and heating portion of your energy bill.

Insulated Laminated Glass adds an extra single pane of glass to the laminated glass unit with a hermetically sealed air space (or gas filled space) in between. This glass is generally more expensive but offers enhanced energy performance. The air or gas filled space serves as an insulator between the temperature difference that exists between the inside and the outside. Although it is more useful in colder climates, it does improve the performance of LoE coatings and in some cases architects or local building departments are requiring its use.


Step 2: Decide whether to use a LoE coating or glass tints.

Tinted Glass – CGI offers a variety of glass tints. Tinted glass is likely the most cost effective solution combining cost reductions with energy efficiency. Tinted glass absorbs incoming solar radiation through the glass thereby reducing the heat and light transfer into a room. Gray and bronze tinted windows—the most common—reduce the penetration of both light and heat into buildings in equal amounts. Blue and green tinted windows offer greater penetration of visible light and slightly reduced heat transfer compared with other colors of tinted glass. Green or blue colored glass tends to paint your room in the same color. Gray and bronze tints tend to be more color neutral on the interiors. Clear glass is also available, although without special coatings or tints heat transfer is not minimized.

LoE Glass– LoE coatings are applied to the internal glass surface to separate heat energy (long wave) and light energy (short wave). The heat energy (long wave) is reflected back to the heat source and the short wave can pass through the coating. CGI offers high performance coatings on its insulated laminated products.



With all of these options of tints, LoE and Insulated Glass, how do I decide?

In warm tropical climates if you are cost conscious, avoid insulated glass if not required by codes. Suggest tinted glass or clear glass with LoE. If you want the best energy performance, consider insulated laminated glass with a LoE coating. Also, discuss with your dealer to ensure that you are in compliance with building code requirements.



  • Katie says:

    Can you tell me the cost of the hurricane impact doors and type of windows example for hurricane level 5. Thank you.

    • debbie says:

      Katie- We have forwarded an email to you requesting more information so we can help answer these questions for you. Thank you for your interest in CGI Windows and Doors!

  • bill muehlhauser says:

    I recently purchased impact windows from a local company and a competitor of yours 🙁 they are approximately 76 inches by 30 inches. The glass is very wavy when looking down them..the salesman says this is normal for impact glass I showed him 10 ft sliding doors I got form you guys that I are perfectly smooth…help?

  • harry reed says:

    Can you tell me the thickness of your hurricane impact resistant laminate glass (not insulated) the nature or name of the film interlayer, and what wind rating is resultant from your windows? Thank you

  • debbie says:

    We’ll be in contact shortly Mr. Reed!

  • Melissa says:

    Can you tint an impact glass window that is clear? I have some windows in bathrooms.

  • Marcello says:

    I would like to install LoE hurricane proof insulated glass. Do you have this kind of product?

  • Mark G Devandara says:

    I am planing to build a home with 75% glass wall. what is the thickness of the glass walls to with stand hurricane 4 or 160 miles wind?

  • susan gebeloff says:

    I recently purchased a condo(as is ) with impact glass. The only info I received was the company name Daves) . When I called them with questions, they denied ever installing my unit # . I have no idea what type I have. Also, they are only 6 years old. one window wont open and the retractable screen on one of the doors is broken too and will not retract properly. My questions are, how do I find out who installed for sure, which type I have. What speed of wind are they rated at.(I’m on 7th floor and there is no wind mitigation report. I still need service and repairs. I already figured out they are probably no longer in warranty.

  • Martin Lautore says:

    I am going to replace windows in my condo I just bought and would like to know why your window are better that your competitors. Are they thicker or is the farme made with better material

  • Tony says:

    I am planning on replacing my regular windows with impact Windows on my house. Would like to know the cost. Replacing about 15 Windows did the measuring myself .

  • jim says:

    Can I tint a impact clear window?

    • Kathy Dowdy says:

      I have hurricane windows 366 green low E glass with Argon gas. I have ask the co if I can put any tint on the windows due to they are my bedroom windows. Sun is on windows in morning, and there is a overhang on the catwalk. Can’t get an answer depending on who I speak to. Can you advise?????

  • I didn’t know that laminated impact glass can help with insulation as well as sturdiness. Our windows are always emitting this cold breeze in our home in the winters. I’ve heard that certain drapes can help keep the heat in as well as the windows. Thanks for the information!

  • Don Harris says:

    Can PVB be applied to existing door and window glass. If so, would that provide some/all of the benefits of impact glass?

  • Robert Selsam says:

    I have three apartments at 90 Alton Road (The Yacht Club) in Miami Beach. Have you ever replaced windows or sliders in the building?
    Robert Selsam

  • Ashley Turns says:

    Since my husband and I are in need of some new hurricane resistant windows, we are wondering what type of glass would be best. So thanks for letting us know that insulated laminated glass has an extra single pane to help with energy performance. Since we’d love to save on energy costs as well, we’ll have to get some hurricane resistant windows made of insulated laminated glass.

  • Charles powell says:

    What type of insulated glass will meet hawaii impact and wind load requirements? What would the makeup of the unit itself be? And where could I find the documentation to state this? Mahalo

  • Well worth a read. Got great insights and information from your blog. Thanks.

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