What Type of Project Are You Starting?

About to embark on a new project? Whether you’re renovating or building an entirely new home, CGI® has the right hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors for your space. Our experts are always ready to help you find the ideal CGI® windows and doors that offer style and safety for any property. Let’s work together.

Building a New

Starting construction on a new property can be very exciting — and tricky. As you begin to make big decisions for your future home, it’s important to have confidence in the information you base your choices on. Here are some tips to help you get started right: 

Rely on experts you can trust

From your contractor to your window dealer, expert advice that you can rely on lets you make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls. Your new home should meet your lifestyle and needs. While you will likely have to make some compromises, an experienced professional can help you find the solution that’s best for you.

Upgrade when possible

You’ll find that there are some things you are unwilling to compromise on, while other areas are worth extra investment. Many homeowners will often prioritize spending for items that they use daily, like windows and doors. Upgrading to hurricane impact doors and hurricane impact windows is often easier than expected, with some dealers offering financing or installment plans — and there are long-term savings to consider. Decide with your contractor if impact windows are right for your home.

Stick with your plan but be flexible

Building a home is a huge undertaking. It’s important to remember that issues will arise and delays will inevitably happen. Yes, it is important to go in with a solid plan and timeline, but it’s also crucial (for the sake of your project and your sanity) to be flexible when necessary. It may benefit you to hit pause when making big decisions.

Do Your Research

Trusting experts and their knowledge is critical when building a new home, but so is being informed. It’s not possible to learn it all overnight, but getting informed about the basics can help you make better decisions that will serve you throughout the life of your home. Plus, the more you know, the better and more nuanced your questions will be.
Building a home isn’t easy, but it can be a fun and fulfilling experience with plenty of rewards.
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Renovating a home can take an existing space to an entirely new level and improve your lifestyle. Finding information you can rely on is essential to choosing ideal materials and products to make your redesigned home a place you’ll love. The following tips and important topics can help your replacement window buying process be easier and more satisfying.

Plan Your Window Replacement

Considering a window replacement? There are many benefits to upgrading to CGI® windows and doors, including increasing the safety of your home during hurricane season and beyond, while boosting curb appeal, home security, noise reduction, and your home value. Read more about the benefits of new windows and doors, window style selection, HOA rules, and more on our blog.

Long-Term Savings

Investing in impact resistant windows and doors has many benefits. Along with peace of mind, homeowners who install hurricane windows may enjoy long-term savings. Features like low-E coatings, glass tints, and argon gas can help achieve energy savings that lower heating and cooling bills while keeping interiors more comfortable year-round. In some regions, impact windows and doors even have the potential to reduce insurance premiums — and they tend to offer a good return on investment at resale.


Investing in replacement windows and doors with hurricane-proof glass is a great opportunity to improve the overall look of your home while keeping it more protected. To get the absolute most out of your hurricane window replacement, do your best to avoid these four most common mistakes:

Getting the same style of window for every room

While some rooms require traditional single-hung windows, others may benefit from the extra ventilation of a double-hung window. Learn about window styles and their advantages before making your purchase.

Working with a company without researching first

Not all window companies are the same. Be sure you choose one that’s respected in the industry for both the quality of the hurricane impact doors and windows they sell and the services they provide. 

Choosing windows that don’t meet your needs

Choosing appropriate features and materials is crucial when purchasing new impact window and door systems. Make sure you choose products that are practical for you and your space.

Not knowing your area’s codes

If you live in a wind-borne debris territory, some level of impact protection is required for remodels and new construction. These mandates can change region to region, and it’s important to know your options. An authorized dealer can show you how to choose impact windows and doors and help you determine what’s necessary for your specific property and location.

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Importance of Quality Materials

Replacement impact windows are an investment in your home, safety, and comfort. To ensure that your hurricane impact windows and doors provide the protection you expect and the value you deserve, be sure that your window manufacturer uses quality materials. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about durability and features — and always inquire about the testing that their impact windows and doors undergo, as well as the codes they meet.

Design/Window Finish

While impact windows and doors do much for the safety and comfort of your home, they can also provide an aesthetic transformation. If you’re deciding between aluminum doors versus vinyl doors, consider that vinyl generally has a more traditional appearance while aluminum tends to offer a more contemporary look. There are also practical considerations. For example, if you live in a coastal region, you should look for materials that can withstand salty environments. An expert can help you determine how to choose impact windows that work for you. 


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