How Impact Windows Work Overtime

Sparta Impact Windows

Sparta Impact Windows

Impact resistant windows let you enjoy the great outdoors, allow sunlight into your home, and even provide a lovely breeze in on cool days. But they’re working overtime. Did you know your impact windows offer safety, security, and cost savings?

How do impact resistant windows help with safety?

When a hurricane hits, a lot of things need protecting. First, your family must be kept safe from flying debris that could enter your home from strong winds. The good news is, impact windows can help give you peace of mind when it comes to your family’s safety. But they also protect your belongings. Since impact windows are less likely to break, they also help keep your home’s belongings safe from the damage hurricanes can create. Having to worry less about water damage or debris making its way inside your home, you can focus on taking care of your loved ones if a storm hits.

Are hurricane impact windows burglar proof?

Impact Windows Help Prevent Would-Be Intruders from Entering

Millions of people invest in alarm systems to keep their homes secure, but did you know that impact resistant windows can also help? Outside of protecting you from hurricanes and debris, impact resistant windows can help amplify your investment in home security. The National Council for Home Safety and Security reports that 95% of all home invasions require some sort of forceful entry.* Due to the composition of impact windows, they can help resist attempts from would-be-intruders. Even if the intruder damages your glass, it will remain securely in its frame thanks to a strong interlayer. This barrier helps prevent potential threats from entering your home.

Are impact windows worth the money?

Impact Windows by CGI

The investment in impact resistant windows can sometimes be a choice but often is a need. Due to state and county regulations, some homes are required to have impact windows no matter what. Although the price tag can be a bit higher for impact resistant windows, the good news is that they can help save you money in the long run. Due to their strength and tight seals, they are less likely to let out the cool air you’re paying for in the summer and the heat you also are billed for in the winter months. Also, impact resistant windows can increase the overall value of your home. If you’re replacing older windows, new impact windows can help increase your home’s resale value since these are the standard for most residences in Florida.

Whether replacing older windows or installing them in new construction, impact windows can help with your family’s safety, security and help lower your bills.

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