How to Style a Coffee Table Into a Stunning Conversation Centerpiece

The new year is upon us, which means this is a perfect time to spruce up your living space. Especially with so many of us spending more time at home, why not make it a more comfortable and beautiful place? One great way to do this is by styling your coffee table. And the best… Read More

A Look Back at Our CGI Heroes: Celebrating Strength Contest Winners

Giving back to the community has always been a part of our company’s culture. It was this philosophy that fueled the launch of our CGI Heroes: Celebrating Strength contest. This was a simple way to honor and spotlight four local Miami-Dade and Broward County residents who have gone above and beyond to help others during… Read More

Celebrating Strength: Determined to Make a Better Tomorrow

Born and raised in Miami, 26-year-old Jarrel Strong lived in nearby Overtown for most of his life. It was his connection to the area and the hardships he has experienced that compelled him to help the homeless. “I saw the need for daily resources like food for those living on the streets,” says Jarrel. “There… Read More

Celebrating Strength: Kindness that Spreads

You always know when there’s a “Code Happy” at Broward Health Medical Center. It’s hard not to notice a parade of proud and happy hospital workers dancing to music piped through the intercom system and waving pom poms and crying! That’s what happens when a COVID-19 patient is discharged, and even though Demi Genao had… Read More

Celebrating Strength: Sewing to Save

You can find Katie Lizana on Instagram as Ms_Polka_Dottie. It’s a name that pays homage to her grandmother, Dottie, who Katie says was the seamstress in the family. Katie even still has some of her vintage sewing needles! But now, the third-generation watchmaker is following in her grandmother’s footsteps, sewing thousands of what she calls… Read More

Celebrating Strength: A Teacher’s True Calling

Giving back to our local community has always been part of our company’s culture. This core philosophy has fueled the launch of our CGI Heroes: Celebrating Strength, a contest to recognize four area residents who have gone above and beyond to help others during these challenging times with a $2,000 cash prize. It’s a way to… Read More

Bring The Florida Keys Home

There are about 2,000 chickens and roosters strutting their stuff on the streets of Key West. These beloved fowl have become one of the most recognized interests of this tiny island. Related: Understanding Home Styles Instead of adopting roosters to get into the Florida Keys spirit, homeowners can do plenty of other things to bring… Read More

4 Ways to See if You’re Prepared for the Next Hurricane

Experts are predicting an “extremely active” hurricane season. Some forecasts estimate 24 named storms, including (potentially) 5 major hurricanes. The question is: Are you storm ready if a hurricane heads your way? Read on for 4 ways to ensure you have everything you need to keep your family and home safe. 1. How Will You… Read More

Ultimate Hurricane Evacuation Plan

Experts now believe 20 named storms will form during the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. That prediction comes from Colorado State University who also expects nine of those will become hurricanes, with four developing into major hurricanes. With these storms on the horizon, it is essential to fool-proof your hurricane evacuation plan.  That is a high… Read More

Hurricane Season Home Preparation

When it comes to preparing for hurricane season, one of the most important things you can do is keep water, wind, and debris out of your home. Related: Download Our Hurricane Guide When windows or doors break, it often results in the home’s elements, separating from one another with catastrophic results. In the past, homeowners… Read More

Understanding Window Styles: A Guide to Window Style Selection

When selecting windows, there are many things to consider. With multiple window styles available, it is not always easy to tell them apart. Consider this a guide to understanding and selecting windows for a home. Learn some of the primary window styles and what makes them different from one another. Related: Understanding Home Styles Casement… Read More

Inspiration: The Colors of Miami’s South Beach

Whether you live blocks from the ocean or vacation in South Beach, Miami, Florida, there is one thing that always stands out: the colors. Southern Florida, coastal and inland, homes can take inspiration and bring the recognizable palette of this area into your everyday life. Who would not want to feel like they are in… Read More

The Benefits of New Windows and Doors

Homeowners can be both excited and nervous when going through a home renovation or new build. It is not always easy to know where money should be invested and what will give homeowners the most significant return on investment (ROI). But did you know windows and doors can not only help aesthetically improve your home… Read More

HOA Rules to Know Before Buying Replacement Windows

New home construction is tricky. There are millions of choices to make, and it can feel like every single one of them is permanent. But, when it comes to windows and doors, there’s no reason to stress.

New Construction: Windows and Doors Make a Difference

New home construction is tricky. There are millions of choices to make, and it can feel like every single one of them is permanent. But, when it comes to windows and doors, there’s no reason to stress.

Understanding Home Styles and What Makes Them Unique

Image Source: American Glass & Window Inc. One of the things that makes Florida beautiful is the diversity of its people and culture. Whether you’re in the panhandle, central area, or even the Florida Keys, there are numerous styles of homes that make each area (and its neighborhoods’) unique. If you’re considering buying or building,… Read More

How Impact Windows Work Overtime

Impact resistant windows let you enjoy the great outdoors, allow sunlight into your home, and even provide a lovely breeze in on cool days. But they’re working overtime. Did you know your impact windows offer safety, security, and cost savings? How do impact resistant windows help with safety? When a hurricane hits, a lot of… Read More

2020 Coastal Design Trends

Whether you live inland, have expansive ocean views, or are somewhere in between, the feel the coast exudes can be part of any home interior. Explore the top coastal-inspired home trends for 2020 and start thinking about how you’ll apply them to your home. Photo Gallery: Discover Our Sparta Collection Cabinets with Coastal Flare When… Read More

DWM Names the Top Door and Window Dealers 2019

For the 5th year, Door and Window Market Magazine (DWM) has  named their top door and window dealers.  ‘DWM editors undertook extensive research, scoured various sources and conducted field surveys for the latest annual sales and other information.’ We are proud to note that this compilation of top dealers/installers includes some of our very own… Read More

Investors can do well with PGT Innovations even if Florida doesn’t see another big storm for years.

Don’t take it from us, read this recent Wall Street Journal article by Ken Brown.  To see the article directly, click: At its most basic, an investment in PGT Innovations (PGTI)  is a bet that there will be hurricanes in Florida. That part is impossible to time. But investors can do well with PGT… Read More