While home sales have remained steady, the market forecast for replacement windows and doors is improving, according the National Association of Home Builders. Average spending between non-moving homeowners and buyers of older homes on replacement windows has been consistent, while the average spending on door replacement has increased for the non-moving segment versus the older home buyers.

Factors driving the steady improvement in the market include homeowners’ desires for top amenities, including energy efficient window and door products, as well trends like designer fixed windows and awning styles, all offered by CGI Windows and Doors. With $10 billion in homeowner spend in 2013, window and door replacement was the third most commonly listed job for NAHB remodelers in 2014.  These trends are expected to continue into 2016.

“We are forecasting steady improvement in the market for window and door replacement,” Estate SGDsays Paul Emrath, VP of survey and housing policy research for the NAHB.

In searching for contractors to complete a window and door project, consumers are relying on word of mouth and online channels to choose the right company for the job. Over 70% of homeowners surveyed said they picked their window and door contractor based on the referral of a family member or acquaintance. Talk to your friends and family about their CGI experience. CGI can even refer you to a preferred dealer in your area.

Window and door manufacturers that are taking advantage of the market trends are those with reputations for quality, customer service, and specific expertise.One market seeing these effects is the coastal regions of Florida where CGI is located, Louisiana, and Texas. Hurricane resistant windows and doors are sought after for new builds and replacements alike, with the severe weather in these areas causing even greater demand.  Not only are consumers placing more value on safety, but energy efficiency has become the standard.

We understand that homeowners have discerning tastes, and place an emphasis on safety, value, and energy efficiency like never before.  CGI is ready to review your options when you are.

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  • In my last home, I had many doors and windows replaced due to the age of the house. The windows were allowing all the cold air in during the winter, and so it took a lot just to heat the house. I really like what was said about how window replacement contractors are found through word of mouth and online. This is true because this is how I got mine replaced.

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