Sentinel by CGI

The Sentinel Horizontal Rolling impact window has been designed with many features including a nylon roller with stainless steel ball bearings that glides on a nylon track, multiple points of weatherstripping and stainless steel fasteners.  It is available in two and three panel configurations.

Available Finishes:

White & Bronze

Standard Glass Colors:

Clear, Gray, Bronze, Solexia Green, Mist (Pattern 62), White Interlayer, Dark Gray (Turtle Code), Azuria Blue, Rain

Glass Types:

5/16” Laminated

3/4” Insulated Laminated

Glass Coatings:

Energy efficient Lo-E options

Standard Hardware:

Egress lock

Standard Features:

Two & three panel configurations OX, XO, XOX

Equal lites or 1/4-1/2-1/4 configuration

Flush design

Double weatherstripping and weeped sill

2 1/2” deep frame

Extruded snap-on glazing beads

structural glazing

Concealed jamb anchor cover

3 #10 1 1/4” stainless steel fasteners per corner

Extruded screen frame with

Super View™ fiberglass mesh

Optional Items:

Sash interlock rail mounted sweep lock

Flange, fin & equal leg frame options



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