How Strong and Dependable Are CGI® Windows and Doors?

We put our impact products to the test.

Rigorously and continuously.

Whether you’re ready for an upgrade or building something new, you can rely on CGI® to help protect your property against extreme weather and everyday elements.

Sentinel by CGI®

A complete line of impact-resistant windows and doors made with exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Aesthetically enhancing, reliable hurricane protection.

Sparta by CGI®

Year-round, 24/7 storm-ready protection that building professionals trust. A great way to upgrade to impact windows at an affordable price.

Scout by CGI®

High-performance windows and doors that bring strength and style to new homes and renovations. Aluminum, non-impact at a great value.

Meet Rod McDee & the Rod Squad

We thought our passion for testing CGI® impact-resistant windows and doors couldn’t be matched—then we met Rod McDee. He and his team are dedicated to ensuring that our products meet some of the toughest standards around.



Occupation: IT Tech
Alter Ego: (Volunteer) Head of R&D
Interests: CGI® testing protocols, strong windows

Mission: Helping ensure CGI® windows and doors can keep your property protected

Motto: “Bring in the cannon!”

Nemeses: Extreme weather, would-be intruders, flimsy windows and doors


Alter Ego: Co-founder of “The Rod Squad”
Interests: The science behind impact protection

Mission: To keep testing accurate

Motto: “There’s a formula for that.”

Nemeses: Faulty calculations, bad data


Alter Ego: Impact test designer 
Interests: Devising new impact challenges

Mission: Spreading the word about CGI® 

Motto: “Don’t rest until you test.”

Nemeses: Anyone who doesn’t understand the importance of quality windows

Fire Suit Guy

Alter Ego: Fire Suit Guy
Interests: Igniting our testing protocols

Mission: To test the strength of every window in America

Motto: “Fire it up!”

Nemeses: Flammable clothing


Rod’s Supervisor

Occupation: Rod’s supervisor
Alter Ego: “The Rod Whisperer”
Interests: Reminding Rod that he’s a volunteer

Mission: Reining in Rod, coaxing him out of cannons

Motto: “Tone it down, Rod.”


cannon test.

Our (volunteer) “Head of R&D,” Rod is an expert on our protocols—especially the cannon test. There’s nothing he loves more than watching CGI® windows withstand the forces of a 9-pound 2×4 shot at 50 feet per second.

The strong choice for your property.

Our aluminum and vinyl impact window and door lines are preferred by building professionals and homeowners who value exceptional quality and style.

Built and tested for strength

Add an extra layer of protection against break-ins

Tint and coating options to increase energy savings

Can help lower property insurance premiums

Significantly reduce outdoor noise

Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays

CGI® Windows and Doors are regularly tested, certified, approved, and rated by the industry’s most recognized associations:

• Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance

• Florida Product Approval

• International Building Code

• National Fenestration Rating Council® (NFRC) 

• Sound Transmission Class (STC)

• Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC)

What Will Rod Do Next?

Rod’s always up to something. Feel the impact on social media and check out his RodCast on YouTube.

Ready for hurricane protection that’s been put to the test?

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