If eyes are the window to the soul, then windows must be the eyes of the home! We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the elements, so what’s the best way to protect our windows from the elements? Choose impact windows.

For homes near a coastline, window choice is of the utmost importance. The perfect window should maximize the beauty of the sun while protecting the integrity of home furnishings. Open, sunny spaces for family and pets, framed by a beautiful window on the world make a home complete. But what about when bad weather threatens? Safety and security rise to the top of concerns during a storm. A little bit of homework and foresight now could add an additional layer of protection to any home when weather hits.Work-in-progress.-Heres-a-quick-shot-of-the-entryway-into-the-new-Sentinel-pergola.-newshowroom-cgiw

To start your window shopping off on the right foot, here are three guidelines for choosing impact windows:

Window Shopping – Literally!

Do the homework and take the time to see the products up close and personal. Visit dealer showrooms and review product samples. A well-made window should perform well – and look good doing it. Notice attention to fit, finish, and design details.

Strength Evaluation

Not all impact windows are created equal! Do a little reading on design load and PSF (pounds per square foot). Design load is the window’s ability to resist forces like hurricane-strength wind and projectiles. The higher the PSF, the stronger the window.

Original Intent

Which would be better: an impact window designed specifically to be a super-strong impact window? Or a regular window that’s been modified to meet the bare minimum of impact window requirements? For the best results, stick with companies devoted to creating the highest level of impact-resistant products.

CGI Windows & Doors offers impact resistant products that meet and exceed the highest building standard in the country. View our beautiful impact window options at www.cgiwindows.com.

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  • Rich Gannon says:

    I live on a golf course in Collier County FL and I want to replace two old brown frame 3 panel 10 foot sliders that join in the center with two new white frame code compliant 2 panel 8 foot sliders. I will have the rest of the opening framed with the requires 2×6 stud wall. My question is , because I live on a golf course , is the impact resistant glass on the out side pane and would this be my best choice ?, Please give me your product number for what you suggest and a link to a picture.

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