Why are Sliding Glass Doors So Popular?

Beautiful living room with hurricane impact windows and doors

Sliding doors are a go-to design element among architects, interior designers, and homeowners. Which begs the question: why do so many people prefer this option when building or renovating their properties?

Understanding the benefits of sliding doors compared to your other options can help you make the most informed decision when selecting new patio doors for your home. Here’s a closer look at seven reasons sliding doors are such a popular pick.

1. They maximize natural light

When it comes to essential features homeowners prioritize in 2022, natural light comes in second only to usable outdoor space. With sliding doors, the two go hand in hand.

Because of their unique design featuring large expanses of glass running from the top to the bottom of each pane, sliding doors allow in ample daytime light.

In addition to improving the beauty and comfort of a space, this also helps reduce energy bills.

2. They showcase beautiful views

From sweeping expanses of ocean and sky to awe-inspiring urban skylines, we’re surrounded by beautiful things. In addition to welcoming natural light, sliding glass doors let homeowners take in all of it without stepping foot outside.

But you don’t need dramatic surroundings to enjoy the views facilitated by sliding doors. Simple delights like gazing upon your garden or observing birds visit your backyard feeders can make life more joyful.

And while we all know that time spent in the great outdoors is beneficial for mental and physical wellness, research suggests that just being able to see nature from inside your home has positive health outcomes.

3. They improve access

The desire to “age in place” is frequently cited among people of all ages. After all, when you spend time building or remodeling a home that you truly love, isn’t the goal to live in it for as long as you can? Sliding doors shine in this respect.

Whether you’re dealing with reduced strength, waning dexterity, or limited mobility, sliding doors are easier to operate than conventional doors. Worried about the door sill? ADA-compliant sliding doors are made to ensure a wheelchair’s smooth movement over it.

But even if mobility isn’t an issue, the fact is that the easy operation of sliding doors—even for something as basic as carrying a tray or pitcher of drinks outside—is the ultimate in convenience. While some simple care and maintenance is necessary to keep sliding doors in top working condition, expertly-installed, high-quality sliding doors smoothly glide along their track with minimal effort.

The takeaway? For homeowners looking for indoor-outdoor flow, sliding doors are a natural fit.

4. They save space

While also uniquely beautiful, hinged French doors take up space when open—whether they open inward or outward, this requires ample clearance on either your patio or indoor area. Not only can this interfere with their placement, but it can also infringe on usable square footage.

Enter sliding doors. Because they operate along a single plane, they’re a smart space-saving solution.

5. They’re secure and safe

Not only can sliding doors only be locked from the inside, but many of them are also fitted with multi-locking points. This means your home—and its inhabitants—are protected from would-be intruders. Factor in today’s shatterproof safety glass and high-performance impact glass, and sliding doors can actually be an invaluable first line of defense against another threat: extreme weather.

Worried about people looking in while you’re looking out, meanwhile? Window treatment options for sliding doors allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of sliding doors while also eliminating privacy concerns.

6. They offer excellent insulation

When compared to French doors, sliding doors come out on top for energy efficiency. This is because of the tight seal created along the track, which prevents heat transfer. With a pair of French doors, on the other hand, there is always a chance for air leakage through the opening where they meet.

Additionally, there are ways to further optimize thermal insulation with sliding doors, such as glazing and fitting them with composite gaskets.

The excellent insulation offered by sliding doors has other benefits, too, including a quieter home, fewer drafts, and reduced condensation and frost on the glass.

7. They’re objects of beauty—in and of themselves

Just because patio doors are inherently utilitarian doesn’t mean they can’t also be beautiful. Not only are sliding doors available in a variety of designs, colors, sizes, and durable materials like aluminum and vinyl, but their clean lines and chic aesthetic coordinate harmoniously with many interior design styles.

Whether you’re just starting to think about new patio doors and are wondering whether sliding doors are right for you or you’ve already decided to pursue this sought-after home improvement, choosing the right sliding glass doors makes all the difference.

That’s where CGI comes in. We’re proud of our decades-long tradition of manufacturing strong, flexible, innovative, and energy saving impact windows and doors.

For more information on elevating your home with impact doors and other high-performance GGI products, get your free quote today.

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