When to Replace Windows and Doors

Replacing your windows and doors can be a significant investment. Whether you’ve just started to think about making this upgrade or if you’ve been putting it off for some time now, you may be seeking guidance regarding when to move forward with this home improvement.

While there’s no clear-cut “right time” to replace windows and doors, several factors can influence your timeline.

Read on for a roundup of eight considerations to take into account if you’re contemplating undertaking a doors and windows replacement.

1. Age

While high-quality, properly-maintained windows can last for two decades or longer, windows in homes in coastal regions may have a shorter lifespan. Generally, windows with damaged, broken, or warped sashes or frames merit replacement.

Think you can put off replacing a damaged window or door because it still opens and closes, even if it sticks, refuses to stay open, or lets in drafts? Think again. Not only will you end up replacing it anyway, but you’ll be dealing with annoying and uncomfortable issues in the meantime.

2. Building codes

Depending on where you live, building codes vary. In some cases, replacing your windows and doors may require an upgrade to meet the latest code standard. In other cases, meeting building code may be a prerequisite of eligibility for certain benefits, such as homeowners insurance discounts for wind mitigation in Florida.

3. Hurricane protection

Speaking of wind mitigation, if you live in a hurricane-prone area like Florida or another Gulf Coast state, hurricane protection is more important than ever before given the link between climate change and escalating extreme weather events. Upgrading to high-performance impact windows and doors can offer invaluable protection by fortifying these openings.

In addition to minimizing the risk of glass breaking and becoming projectiles in hurricane-force winds, a super-strong aluminum window frame will offer excellent structural support.

Furthermore, if your home has recently been through a hurricane or other extreme weather event, you may be on an accelerated timeline for replacing your windows—especially if you noticed cracked glass, warped or broken frames, or water damage around the frame. In this case, your windows should be replaced immediately.

4. Maintenance

But even without the anticipated 12-17 storms predicted for this hurricane season, just living in a coastal area can detrimentally impact the health of your windows. While keeping regular windows in excellent shape in the face of sea salt, humidity, and other environmental impacts can feel like a full-time job, high-performance aluminum windows and doors require little maintenance.

5. Energy efficiency

Heat gain and loss through your windows accounts for up to 30 percent of your heating and cooling costs. If your windows are drafty, you’re paying more for a less efficient and comfortable home. If energy efficiency is a priority for you (which it should be), replacing old or inefficient windows is imperative.

In addition to trimming your energy bills and making your home more comfortable, energy efficient quality doors and windows can also be a major selling point with prospective buyers if you decide to sell your home.

6. Noise reduction

Whether you’re dealing with your neighbor’s barking dog or early-morning traffic sounds, a noisy home is not a peaceful home. And not just because unwanted noise is annoying. From interfering with your sleep to causing anxiety, noise pollution at home can also be bad for your health.

This is another area where impact windows and doors shine. Because of their glass thickness and design, they block noise thereby promoting quieter and more comfortable interiors.

7. Security

Between thinner glass and weaker frames, older windows can easily be lifted or pried open. As such, they’re easy points of access for would-be home intruders. The same applies to doors: In fact, burglars will usually look at doors first before attempting to break in a window.

Regardless, the higher the quality of your windows, the more protection they’ll provide. In particular, impact windows are known for offering exceptional security.

8. Aesthetics

Windows are one of your home’s most prominent architectural features. If they look shabby, worn, faded, or warped, they’ll have a detrimental impact on the overall appearance of your home.

On the other hand, replacing your home’s windows is a wonderful opportunity to transform your curb appeal. Thanks to leading companies like CGI, today’s high-performance windows and doors are available in a breadth and depth of designs, shapes, sizes, types, colors, and grid options.

Whether your goal is to maintain your home’s historic charm and character, allow more light to flood into your home, or create more airflow, new windows can help you achieve all of these things and more. Take horizontal rolling windows, for example, which add unique flair and functionality to a space.

But these changes aren’t just aesthetic. For example, if you upgrade to larger, gridless picture windows or sliding doors, you’ll welcome in more natural light. This is linked with profound benefits for human health, including everything from enhancing productivity promoting better sleep.

While there’s no hard and fast formula for when to replace windows and doors, there are some clear indications that it’s time. Aside from obvious factors like broken glass or an ineffective seal, these additional considerations can help you make an informed choice about the best timing for this popular home improvement.

To learn more about elevating your home with high-performance impact resistant CGI windows, contact a dealer today.

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