Trending Window Styles That Will Stand the Test of Time

While new windows may seem like an expense, they have the potential to be much more than that. The right windows are an investment that will continue to reap dividends in the form of everything from safety to curb appeal for years to come.

The key to making the most of your investment? Understanding your options to make the most educated choice when deciding between different styles, colors, materials, and other factors.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the moment’s current trending window styles, along with how to choose the ones that are best for your aesthetic and functional goals for your living environment.

Five Trending Window Types

When you think of your home’s design elements, factors like architectural features, design style, and paint colors may be among the first things that come to mind.

While it’s true that all of these aspects have the potential to impact the look and feel of your living space, another component is also a powerful determinant: window type.

While double-hung windows were once the prominent window type, today’s homeowners have more options than ever before. Here’s a look at a few trending window types for 2023.

Single Hung Windows

This window type features a stationery top sash and moving bottom sash. Known for their affordability, single hung windows’ other upsides include easy installation and energy efficiency.

However, they do have some limitations, including restricted air flow.

Casement Windows

Featuring a side hinge and crank, the popular casement window style swings out and open (as opposed to sliding up and down). In addition to offering a beautiful element of design thanks to their clean lines and unobstructed views, they’re also a standout choice in terms of energy efficiency and ventilation.

Fixed Windows

Also known as picture windows, these versatile windows let in abundant natural light. While they do not open, making them a poor choice if ventilation is your goal, they do offer many other aesthetic and functional advantages. Fixed windows deliver unbeatable energy efficiency and security, as well as minimal care and maintenance requirements.

In addition to more conventional rectangular shapes, fixed windows are also available in a variety of other shapes such as square, round, oval, and octagonal. This makes the fixed window style ideal for showcasing beautiful scenery, landscape features, and other views.

Horizontal Rolling Windows

Also called sliding windows, horizontal rolling windows operate similarly to sliding glass doors. Featuring side-by-side sashes, they open and close horizontally.

Increasingly seen in modern and minimalist homes, these windows provide sweeping and uninterrupted vertical views, ample (and flexible) ventilation, and excellent access. They’re also easy to operate thanks to their smooth, gliding functionality.

Awning Windows

Also called project-out windows, awning windows work like casement windows except they open from the top outward as opposed to from the side. Because they open completely, awning windows welcome natural light and plentiful air while adding an element of rain protection.

Other Window Design Considerations

When selecting windows in 2023, there are additional considerations beyond window type. Here are some

Grid or Gridless

Because of the challenges associated with making and shipping glass, window grids once served the critical function of joining multiple panes of glass together into a single window. In allowing for larger panes of glass, new manufacturing techniques and shipping processes have rendered gridded windows obsolete from a functional perspective while also allowing for wow-worthy design choices, such as floor-to-ceiling windows. However, grids still have potential to add charm and character to windows.

The takeaway? Today, the choice of gridded or gridless windows comes down to factors like personal preference and design aesthetic.

Window Shape and Size

As mentioned earlier, it’s now possible to produce large sheets of glass for less. Glass can also be configured into many shapes. Whatever you envision for your home, windows can be designed to help you bring that vision to life.


Modern materials like vinyl and aluminum have transformed the window market thanks to their attractiveness, versatility, easy maintenance, durability, and affordability.

One last thing to keep in mind about trending window styles? No solution is one-size-fits-all. That’s where custom configurations come in. Perhaps you love the look of picture window, but you’re also seeking airflow? Flanking a center picture window with casements can give you everything you’re looking for.

Impact Glass

One of the most transformative developments in the window industry? Impact glass. This extremely strong and durable window type is designed to hold up to powerful hurricane winds, driving rain, and other extreme weather elements. Impact windows also have other benefits, including energy efficiency, UV sun protection, security, noise reduction, and more.

When you see a stunning home or walk into a beautiful room, it may look effortless. However, the truth is that many elements are working together to achieve this effect, including the windows. And while trends may come and go, good design lasts forever. That’s why it’s so important to evaluate the trends alongside your wants, needs, and preferences.

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