Top 5 Décor Trends for 2023

Home office with impact resistant window

The interior design world is constantly evolving. Wondering what’s new and exciting in home décor as we move toward 2023? While some new trends are evolving, others are holding strong.

Read on for a roundup of five of our favorite interior design trends to watch as we get ready to welcome the new year.

1. Wellness-focused design

While we often think about wellness in terms of self-care, the reality is that our wellbeing is also heavily impacted by our environments. As people realize the vast potential of well-designed interiors to contribute to their health and happiness, they’re continuing to embrace wellness-focused interior design.

A few wellness design ideas to consider for improving both your space and your life? Improving ventilation to eliminate toxins and promote healthy airflow; environmentally-friendly materials and products like water-wise faucets; calm and minimalist dining rooms featuring organic elements; tranquility rooms and nooks; lots of greenery; and thoughtful space planning for more free flow movement.

While some of these are big changes, others fall into the category of DIY home décor, such as vibrant plant displays.

2. Indoor-outdoor blends

Awareness of the link between nature and wellness is also manifesting in the latest interior design trends. With homeowners craving gentle and soothing colors, elements, and textures, organic will continue to trump the artificial. Homeowners are also choosing to honor their natural environments by pulling in locally inspired materials wood, wool, sheepskin, and stone.

It follows that homeowners are also paying more attention to creating livable outdoor spaces. Modern and luxurious outdoor lounge areas, living rooms, and kitchens; untreated wood and other sustainable materials; and terraces full of plants are all outdoor living trends we’re seeing in 2022 and 2023.

Finally, seamlessly blending the transition between the indoors and outdoors is also a priority for homeowners. You can’t always be outside—but you can create interior spaces that leverage the beauty and comfort of the outdoors.

One particular indoor-outdoor trend identified by the American Institute of Architects (AIA)? Tall, wide windows and doors. AIA partner James Hardie says, ““Like magic, it feels like you’re in a more spacious place.”

The AIA also recommends upgrading doors for the fresh air they allow into spaces. “Big sliding glass doors, exterior sliding pocket doors, and sliding screen doors also build a natural cooling system into the home, allowing owners to turn off the AC and let more fresh air in.”

Sliding doors connect indoor and outdoor spaces in another wonderful way: by providing unobstructed views of a home’s surroundings.

3. Elevated workplaces

COVID-19 found workers shifting to remote work on the fly—many in less-than-ideal and makeshift offices. Now that the pandemic is (finally) subsiding, remote work is here to stay, which means that many people are opting to give their home offices the attention they deserve.

From ergonomic furniture to lighting upgrades to mindful backgrounds for video chats, there are many ways to make home offices more comfortable, inviting, and productive.

On the other hand, some workers are returning to their physical office. However, they’re returning in different mind spaces than when they left more than two years ago—and with different expectations for their work environments. In an effort to replicate the comforts of home, many offices are introducing home-based amenities, such as cozy seating and soft carpeting. Green offices and multipurpose offices are also trending.

4. Multifunctional and individualized environments

While this trend isn’t exactly new, its ongoing popularity can’t be overlooked. The situational isolation forced by the pandemic also forced homeowners to rethink their living spaces.

Gone are the days of single-use rooms and museum-quality interiors. Today’s homeowners are creating bespoke interiors that speak to their goals for how they want to live in their homes. Gyms, game rooms, home theaters, and saunas are at the top of the list as people seek out spaces for entertaining, exercising, and relaxing at home.

Above all else, homeowners are demanding spaces that serve their wants, needs, and goals. As such, every room matters. Spaces that were once afterthoughts—such as laundry rooms and mudrooms—are now being approached more mindfully.

5. Arches

Arches started making a comeback last year, and they continue to be a sought-after feature in both interiors and architecture. This starts with arch-shaped doors and windows, but can also be seen in other décor aspects, such as furniture, mirrors, and accessories.

Clean yet whimsical, arches are suitable for a variety of interior design styles. In addition to adding visual appeal, they also add dimension and depth while making ceilings seem higher.

Whether you’re undertaking a massive remodel or just looking for small yet significant ways to refresh your environment in 2023, you’ll find plenty of ideas and inspiration in these five trends. One design element that encapsulates several of these trends, meanwhile? New windows and doors, which can do everything from creating indoor-outdoor flow to improving your home’s energy efficiency.

To start putting the transformative potential of high performance impact resistant windows and doors to work in your living environment, get a free quote today.

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