She Sheds. Tiny Houses. Small Houses. Heard of them? They’re all the rage right now, as architects and homeowners alike promote a simpler, more sustainable life. From the cute (think multi-colored exterior paint, a la “The Wizard of Oz”) to the cabiny look (antlers above the door!), these tiny houses are popping up nationwide. And there’s one thing every tiny house needs, no matter the design: doors and windows.

As more and more tiny houses are popping up in beach environments, CGI Windows & Doors is watching the trend closely. There aren’t many building product decisions needed for a tiny house, which makes it all the more important to make the right choices.

Thinking of building a tiny house? Know someone who is? Here are suggestions for the perfect doors and windows to make any tiny house a standout structure (and add an additional layer of security):

Sentinel Casement Window:

Offering incredible eye appeal combined with quality construction, think of the flexibility offered by a casement window: Easily cranked open and closed, this window gives any tiny house an architectural surprise of a profile.

Sentinel Single-Hung Window Series:

More of a traditionalist? Check out these single-hung windows: the expected look, married with strength and security. Plus architecturally correct sightlines and a water- and air-resistant captured bottom rail. Because it simply will not do to have anything seeping unwanted into a tiny paradise.

Sentinel Designer Fixed Window Series:

Absolutely perfect for adding a touch of class above the entry door, while bringing light into the main room. Available in numerous shapes and sizes and sports a narrow frame to maximize available glass area. This is a very clean, simple window.

Sentinel French (Swing) Series:

Breaking tradition with a tiny house? Consider taking it all the way with French doors at the main entry point! Beautiful, strong, high-quality doors from CGI sport a three-point locking system – and all three points are activated with a single turn. Oh, and think of the glorious sunlight streaming through the front doors!

Thinking about a tiny house on the coast? All CGI Windows & Doors meet and exceed Miami-Dade Building Code standards.

Beautiful, strong and safe. CGI products and tiny houses are a match made in heaven!

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  • Liza says:

    Someone who are planning to build tiny houses will surely look forward to information like this. This is so good to see that there are so many options to choose from. Now, I can choose windows from these suggestions.

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