5 Home Improvement Projects to Improve Durability

Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when building or renovating your home. A durable home lasts longer and holds up to other factors better than a home that isn’t designed with durability at the forefront. This means it has more value over time. Not to mention that it protects the things […]

5 Simple Home Fixes to Lower Your Budget

Mom plays with son while studying home budget

One piece of advice we encounter frequently throughout our lives? Small things add up. This is absolutely true when it comes to home improvement and saving money. The reality is that even seemingly minor home upgrades and DIY projects can lower your monthly costs, keep your overall expenses low, and pay for themselves in the […]

Turn Down the Noise: 6 Tips for Creating a Quieter Home

Many of us are spending more time at home today than ever before. Essential to creating the most comfortable and peaceful living environment? Cultivating quiet. Whether you’re dealing with rowdy neighbors, traffic-related clatter, or another frustrating sound, minimizing external noise is essential to maximizing relaxation. The good news? There are several things you can do […]

The Many Advantages of Passive Hurricane Preparation

Family enters home with hurricane impact windows and doors

When we talk about preparing for a hurricane, we often think of the immediate actions we take when a hurricane is already bearing down on us. From boarding up windows and stocking up on sandbags to clearing your home’s exterior of loose objects and hurricane food prep, these “active” tasks can help protect your home, […]

5 Home Remodel Projects that Return the Most Value

Young couple plans a remodel of their home

From convenience to aesthetics to safety, there are many reasons to undertake a home renovation project. While your upfront cost may not be the deciding factor when evaluating which prospects to pursue, it’s wise to consider the return on investment—especially if you’re planning ahead. Related: Six Smart Ways to Spend Unexpected Money Which begs the […]

How to Proactively Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane winds blow palm trees in South Florida.

An average of three hurricanes strike American coastlines over a two-year period, according to the National Weather Service. Of these, at least one will be classified as a major hurricane with winds of 111 mph or greater. Hurricanes are just one example of extreme weather events that threaten life and property. Storm surges, tropical storms, […]