Looking For A French Door? Key Features To Look Into

French doors are a popular type of patio entry door. Homeowners love them for the natural light they allow in, increased air flow, and diverse aesthetic styles. They’re also an upscale addition with the potential to increase your home’s value. However, all French doors aren’t created equal. If you’re thinking of upgrading to French doors […]

It’s Time: Six Reasons To Upgrade to Impact Windows


If you’re a homeowner in Florida, you may be wondering whether upgrading to impact windows is worth the hype. Well, we’ve got news for you: Not only is it worth it, but it offers a bounty of benefits. Read on for a roundup of six reasons to make the switch to hurricane impact windows. 1. […]

Paint Selection Made Easy: Soothing Coastal Colors

According to psychology experts, a day at the beach reduces anxiety and the physical symptoms that come with it. Beach aesthetics decrease the frequency of brain waves and put both the mind and body into a meditative and relaxed state, which leads to a plethora of health benefits. Related: Bring the Florida Keys Home Whether or not you live […]

Unsung Benefits Of Impact Windows & Doors


When it comes to windows and doors for your home, you have many options. Whether you’re looking for a basic entry door or windows that can withstand a heavy storm, these home components offer protection and peace of mind. Impact-resistant windows and doors are among the most popular home upgrades. Especially in places where hurricanes […]

No Style Sacrificed: High-end Design With A Lower Price Tag

Do you love browsing home-style guides? Do you enjoy researching the latest luxury home design trends? If you dream of making your home look like it belongs in HGTV Magazine, Elle Decor, or Architectural Digest, you are not alone. Homeowners often pay thousands of dollars to hire an interior designer—and that is on top of the cost of […]

How To Style A Coffee Table Into A Stunning Conversation Centerpiece


The new year is upon us, which means this is a perfect time to spruce up your living space. Especially with so many of us spending more time at home, why not make it a more comfortable and beautiful place? One great way to do this is by styling your coffee table. And the best […]