What was once Hurricane Danny quickly faded away, but now Erika is on the horizon. It’s not known if and where this storm will come ashore in the U.S., but one thing is clear: the tropics seem to be firing up and more storms are likely.

There’s an old saying: “By the time you hear the thunder, it’s too late to build the ark.” If you live on the Florida coast, it’s a foregone conclusion that a hurricane will come to call; the only question is when.

Whether it’s Erika, another storm down the line this season, or maybe one a year or two from now: it’s never too early to prepare for weather upending your plans. Here are two big things you can do in the coming weeks:

Research, plan, then plan some more: School may be back in session so thoughts of the beach and the ocean are far from your mind, but hurricane season will be around until November 1. While the occurrence of strong storms hitting land decreases as we reach into fall, there have been significant storms late in the season. Never assume: always plan.

A good place to start: www.hurricanepreparedness.com. Brought to you by CGI, this site offers comprehensive information on what needs to be accomplished before, during, and after a storm. Print out the checklists. Take the quick test. Do whatever you can to be prepared. Because in the event of a storm, the last thing you’re going to want to do is sit down and review pages of information.

Make good building product choices: Whether you’re building new, adding on, or remodeling, choose building products with care. From exterior cladding to roofing material, everything matters. One of the most important pieces of this puzzle: your entry points. Good doors and windows can be the difference between safety and complete disaster. CGI Windows & Doors all meet – and exceed – the Miami-Dade Building Code standards, the toughest in the nation. Want to see what a board looks like going through a regular window vs. a CGI window? Visit our main website at www.cgiwindows.com and click on CGI Windows and Doors Video. Look for the cannon demonstration.

It’s easy to let things slide when the urgency isn’t there. But take it from this Miami-based window and door manufacturer: NOW, when the weather is calm, is the perfect time to develop a safety plan. Please let us know how we can help.

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