1. You have rotten wood windows.
  2. Your older windows are not energy efficient and are leaking air.
  3. They’re not impact windows. Non-impact windows won’t help you during a storm.
  4. The window panes are fogging up.
  5. Your insurance company no longer covers you since you don’t have hurricane rated products.
  6. The noise from outside is seeping in.
  7. Your windows are not opening and closing properly.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you may need to replace your windows. Security and energy efficiency are two very important ones. Non- impact windows won’t protect you from the storm or intruders and older windows leak air raising energy bills. Find out more about the right impact windows for you by exploring our website.

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  • Jeff Madison says:

    I liked your tip on replacing your windows when they start getting fogged up. I didn’t know that fogging up could be a sign that the panes are getting old and need replacement. My wife and I moved into a fairly old home and the windows aren’t in great condition, maybe we should consider getting new ones for the worst of them.

  • Debbie says:

    We’d be happy to help Mr. Madison. Please contact inquiries@cgiwindows.com for more information.

  • LNWeaver says:

    That’s a good point to consider replacement if the windows aren’t stopping noise. That means they aren’t insulating well. It might be valuable to consider repair if it’s not a big issue, though.

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