Hurricanes are unforgiving forces of nature. These storms can release as much energy as an atom bomb over a very short period of time. One area where many homes are susceptible to damage is the windows. Hurricanes can pick up debris and hurl them through non-impact resistant windows with ease. Nobody wants to be trapped in their home while a hurricane flings razor-sharp broken glass windows throughout their house. It would be much more preferable to have the safety and security that CGI Windows provide.
But before you can pick the perfect CGI window for your home, you need to know some basic terms.

CCasementasement windows swing open like a car door. This type of window offers your home superb ventilation; without the hassle of cumbersome rails that other windows rely upon.   





Fixed windows are just like they sound, windows that are fixed to the wall and can’t pivot. This variety of window is great for living, dining, and master bedrooms. A fixed window can offer a wide open look at the brilliant scenery and allow a lot of beautiful light into your home.

designer fixed window is simply a more upscale version of a fixed window. These pieces deliver luxurious aesthetic pleasure to any room and pair well with almost any sort of interior design.  

single hung window can open and close without taking up any unnecessary space in your home.  SingleHung







Horizontal rolling windows are like sliding glass doors. They feature a sliding mechanism whichHRW is a real eye-catcher. This unique design allows you to quickly access hanging plants or just let a breeze in.


CGI was formed in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew demolished parts of the Bahamas, Louisiana, and Southern Florida. The category-five Hurricane Andrew carved its most destructive pathway through Southern Florida, where one-hundred and eight-thousand homes were damaged. Thousands and thousands of windows were broken. This caused many dangerous situations! Luckily if you had an impact-resistant window, you were much safer than you might have been. CGI is the industry leader and creates products that stand up to the most intense storms.

Homeowners always face the threat of unpredictable weather patterns and severe storms. It would be wise to invest in CGI Windows, a quality company that has provided the most durable windows for over two decades to well-known structures such as, Fairchild Botanical Gardens, Fisher Island, and WaterColours in Grand Cayman.
If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes it only makes sense to purchase windows that look great and can protect you if the worst happens. Partner with the industry expert and purchase CGI windows.



  • Diana James says:

    A very informative article to read.Thanks a lot for sharing this.Good Work.Keep it Up.

  • helen brown says:

    I am looking at ordering windows. Some of my windows are triple windows, three and four pane. Most are double. How to measure the windows in order to give you the size.

  • Ivan Beal says:

    We are looking for a Handle for a Hurricane CGI Patio Single Slider 73 1/4 x 94 3/4. The Handle has DISCO stamped inside. and broke where the screws go through, because the rollers have to be replace, which is know problem to fix. But no Window or Door company can find this handle, it has a off center lock with a long staff lock it is 3 5/8″ and I do have pictures. the Slider was built in 2009-2010 it is alumni. Hope you can HELP

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