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Fixed Window Series 130

The Sentinel Rectangular Fixed impact window is available in sizes up to 33 square feet and offers a narrow frame design allowing you to maximize your available glass area.  The fastener covers finish off this product choice nicely making this a very clean looking window for any room in your home.

Available Finishes
  • white
  • bronze
  • aluminum
    Clear Anodized

Note: that it is typical for anodized finishes to have color variation and dye and processing marks that occur during manufacturing. These are not considered defects or covered under the warranty.

Glass Colors

  • clear
  • gray
  • dark_gray
    Dark Gray
  • bronze
  • solexia
  • obscure
  • mist
  • rain

 Glass Types:

  • 7/16” Laminated
  • 1” Insulated Laminated

Glass Coatings:

  • Energy efficient Lo-E options
Lo E coatings exhibit certain color characteristics depending on viewing angles, reflected light and time of day. For example, Cardinal LoE 366 exhibits a greenish hue. When Clear glass is coupled with a LoE 366 coating, during certain times of the day the reflected color can appear green from the outside. This LoE 366 coating offers an excellent combination of thermal performance, visible light transmittance, and value.
When heat strengthened glass is used, roller wave distortion is an inherent possibility.

No Information Available

Standard Accessories:

  • 2 #10 1 1/4” stainless steel fasteners per corner
  • Extruded snap-on square glazing beads
  • 2 1/2” deep frame
  • Strong structural glazing
  • Fastener covers

Optional Items:

  • Flange, fin & equal leg frame options

sentinel fixed window 130 rectangular fixed sizes

All fixed windows have a 2 1/2″ depth, ideal for replacement applications

Equal leg and fin frame max area is 32 sq. ft

Small missile performance results available upon request.

Performance Results
Maximum Water Resistance   12 PSF
Large Missile 49 x 97 window (Ann/ HS) + 60 PSF/ – 60 PSF
  49 x 97 window (HS/HS) +80 PSF/ -80 PSF

Energy Values (NFRC Approved)
Laminated U Factor SHGC VT
7/16″ Clear LoE 366 1 0.33 0.51
7/16″ Gray 0.96 0.49 0.42
7/16″ Clear 0.96 0.63 0.74
Insulated Laminated      
1″ Clear LoE 366 0.42 0.25 0.53
1″ Clear LoE 270 0.42 0.32 0.57