Company History

1992 CGI is formed to offer the market highly engineered specialty commercial systems for custom applications.

1993 CGI designs its first impact window line to meet upcoming impact standards.

1994 CGI receives Miami-Dade County approval for impact resistant windows and becomes one of the first manufacturers in the country to offer impact windows.

1997 CGI introduces the Series 450 impact resistant swing door, sidelite and transom product line.

1998 CGI moves into a new 40,000 square foot facility.

2005 CGI moves and expands again, this time into a new 110,000 square foot facility to accommodate its continued growth.

2006 CGI launches its Series 360 Single Hung impact window line and impresses the trade by being able to offer the impact resistant window as large as 10 feet tall.

2007 CGI brings in new partner and majority shareholder Cortec Group to expand and grow the business.

2008 CGI launches new sliding glass door, stunning the market with its clean lines and industry leading strength.

2009 CGI launches its Estate Entrances custom door program, offering the market a beautiful hurricane resistant security entry door as an alternative to wood products.

2010 CGI expands its Series 560 Sliding Glass door program with the addition of 3 track systems and pocketing configurations.

2010 CGI introduces its Sentinel line with the same superb quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship as the Estate Collection.

2012  CGI launches new Sentinel 238 casement window, a significant addition to the Sentinel offering.

2013  CGI upgrades its Sentinel 150 Sliding Glass Door and launches its new Sentinel 160 French door. Also CGI revamped its casement offering by converting the Estate 238 casement to multipoint hardware and upgrading both the Estate 238 and Sentinel 238 casement operators to a new, more contemporary style.

2014  CGI introduces its vinyl product line- Targa. Targa by CGI is designed to maximize security, protection, and energy efficiency.

2014  On September 22, CGI was acquired by PGT Industries, the nation’s leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors.

2018  CGI launches Sparta. Homeowners and design professionals can now upgrade to impact-resistant windows at an affordable price, providing around the clock storm-ready protection.