We know hurricanes.

We know the damage they can inflict, and we know the vast importance of planning ahead.

We know what must be done to protect your family and your home when a storm makes landfall.

We are headquartered in Miami – we KNOW these things.

(We also happen to know the best brand of impact-resistant windows and doors to protect your home, if you’re interested!)

And we want you, our friends and neighbors, customers and architectural partners, to know all of this, too.

HurricanePreparednessTips.com is a micro site we created that’s chock-full of free safety advice, checklists, weather terms – even a readiness quiz. Always wondered what to put in an emergency kit? It’s here. What to do with your pets? We tell you. How safe your home is right now? We offer an assessment. How to evacuate properly? That’s here, too.

Knowledge = power. It’s never too early to increase your storm preparedness knowledge. Print out the checklists and take the quiz, now. And let us know your thoughts!


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