Sentinel by CGI


CGI’s Sentinel impact resistant casement windows have very clean lines and incredible eye appeal with the advantage of quality aluminum construction.

Our casement window with its superior design backed by years of research and development not only looks great but outperforms its competitors in quality and value.   Thanks to CGI’s impact resistant 238 series of casements, project-out / awning and fixed windows these products can be used interchangeably with their matching site lines giving you a consistent look throughout your home.

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Available Finishes:

White & Bronze

Available Glass Colors:

Clear, Gray, Bronze,
Solexia Green, Dark Gray, Azuria Blue, White Interlayer, Rain

Glass Types:

5/16” Laminated

3/4” Insulated Laminated

Glass Coatings:

Energy efficient Lo-E Options

Standard Hardware:

Single Stainless Steel arm roto
operator and crank handle

Stainless steel operator track

Pair of stainless steel four bar concealed hinges

Pair of locks (one lock on window under 30” high)

Pair of stainless steel keepers for
above locks
Snubber blocks

Standard Features:

Extruded screen frame with
fiberglass mesh

Extruded snap-on square glazing beads

Stainless steel assembly screws
and corner keys

Double weatherstripping

1/2” Exterior flange frame

2” Deep frame

Optional Items:

Connecting lock bar for egress windows

Custodial type locks (for institutional use)

Hinges with washability feature (for high-rise use)

Equal leg frame


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