CGI Windows and Doors thinks it’s Important to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is coming fast. While we may have come off a below-average season in 2015, Mother Nature remains ever unpredictable. When it comes to hurricane preparedness, the “readiness is all.”

Certainly, Florida has a history of big and often deadly storms: In 1928, a catastrophic category 4 hurricane in Okeechobee led to the deaths of 2500 people in the greater Palm Beach area.  And history tends to repeat itself; since 1928, Florida has seen a number of devastating hurricane events.  Among them two major category 5 storms: Craig Key, on Labor Day of 1935, and Hurricane Andrew on August 24th of 1992.  More recently, in 2005, Hurricane Dennis—a category 3 storm–ravaged much of Santa Rosa Island.

Florida’s history of high-intensity storm events tells us that any area can be hit at any time.  And, amidst the fear and uncertainty, the cost of damage repair can magnify the trauma of recovery.  Choosing the right windows and doors can go a long way to offset the manifold burdens—material, financial, and emotional–of storm damage.

CGI designs windows and doors to withstand the high impact stress of even the most powerful storm conditions.

Every impact-resistant window and door model offered by CGI goes through the rigorous testing requirements set by Miami-Dade County, the toughest wind-borne debris standard in the country. CGI tests products with the following processes to ensure strength:wp3

1.        The Large Missile Test: Designed for structures up to 30-feet-high, the missile test gauges the effect of 2 impacts from a large, 2×4 missile, weighing 9 pounds, shot from a canon at 50 feet per second.

2.        The Cyclical Test measures pressure resistance through 4,500 positive and 4,500 negative cycles in a pressure chamber.

CGI’s windows and doors are test-proven to be the strongest products on the market today, and CGI stands behind their products with an industry leading warranty ensuring the long-term value of your purchase.

Being prepared is everything.  CGI windows and doors are hurricane tested at the highest possible standards of resistance and safety. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you prepare—because hurricane season is coming fast.


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