An investment in hurricane impact resistant Sentinel Windows and Doors for your home or commercial property is a very wise decision.

Sentinel Impact Resistant Windows and Doors are manufactured and backed by CGI, founded in 1992 and one of the original pioneers in design and manufacture of high performance impact hurricane resistant windows and doors. CGI’s reputation for building high quality windows and doors makes CGI’s products the preferred choice of architects, developers, builders and homeowners wherever impact resistant windows and doors are required.



Sentinel’s complete line of windows and doors are custom manufactured to enhance the aesthetics of every Sentinel Windows and Doors are the best choice to satisfy your window and door needs. Contact a Sentinel dealer today to learn more and see why an investment in Sentinel is the right decision and an outstanding value.

Selecting Sentinel as your window and door choice is also a smart investment for the following reasons:

  • Sentinel impact resistant products increase the resale value of your property
  •  Sentinel impact resistant products will lower your property insurance premiums in most instances
  • Sentinel’s laminated impact glass reduces energy requirements for heating and cooling your property
  • Sentinel’s laminated impact glass provides improved security against intruders
  • Sentinel’s laminated glass eliminates up to 99% of UV reay damage to your interior furnishings
  • Sentinel’s laminated impact glass reduces outside noise transmission into the interior of your home or property

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  • I am looking for sliding glass doors for an 8 x 20 ft opening.
    My phone number is 205-369-5578
    Thank you

  • debbie says:

    Philip, thank you for your interest in CGI Windows and Doors. Someone will be contacting you shortly!

  • Sentinel impact resistant look elegant with those design and if you want to sell a house its perfect to replace it with Sentinel to increase its value along with repainting the walls.

  • Jesus says:

    I recently purchased a sliding glass door from you. Great product but it can only be locked from the outside. I have no way of locking it from inside my home. Help…..

    Sentinel 150

  • Ana Lorenzo says:

    I had two sentinel sliding doors installed by Florida doors and windows last week, I already had two persons that fell as they were getting out, need to know if it is correct to install with a metal at the bottom that is higher than the floor (have pictures but unable to upload for you to see. Thanks

  • Maria Cristina Mavila says:

    Good morning, do your windows come with a warranty?

  • Swinburne says:

    Please send information — choices, prices, etc — on your Sentinel windows and doors. I need replacement windows for my Hurricane Maria-damaged windows and doors. Many thanks.

  • Virginie Niclot says:

    Good morning,
    I need to replace my sliding doors, windows and door.
    Can you contact me for an estimate.
    Thank you,

  • Just took a look at your video showing the manufacturing process. We have never seen the process before so this is awesome to be able to visualize the manufacturing of the windows themselves. Great job to whoever put it together!

  • Carl Berger says:

    Need aluminum impact windows at Poinciana

  • Christopher Herring says:

    Is it better to buy from a distributor or direct from you? Do you sell direct?

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