The East Coast of the United States is one of the most dangerous locations for Atlantic hurricanes. For residents and businesses living on or near this side of the country, damage caused by these powerful storms can be devastating. All buildings, whether residential or commercial, need to be structurally sound and built to withstand the variety of stresses that come with hurricane season. CGI Windows helps buildings to do just that. They are the premier manufacturer of impact resistant windows and doors, specializing in products built to withstand the pressures of hurricanes. Stronger than any competition, CGI’s performance ratings are unparalleled in the industry and go beyond those of any other manufacturer. Promising performance, appearance, and quality, all CGI products also undergo rigorous tests to ensure they hold up even against the heaviest of pressures. When it comes to protecting your family and property you want the very best and that it was CGI offers.

Hurricane season comes every year and every year properties are vulnerable to damage caused by intense weather. These damages can result in millions of dollars worth of repair, not only to broken windows and doors but also interior damages caused by wind and rain. Home and business owners without proper impact resistant windows and doors will eventually need to replace these fixtures after a hurricane and with hurricane season arriving annually, costs will continue to increase.

It can only be beneficial to select the strongest windows and doors in the first place, avoiding both damage to the exterior and subsequent interior damage that comes with broken windows and doors. Many competitors try to modify existing products to respond to hurricanes, but CGI’s product are built with resistance in mind. They are able to achieve beautiful finishes that add to the value of any building while also having a much higher design load rating. Aesthetic is of course an added bonus.

With large scale hurricanes hitting the US every five years on average, you want to be sure you are protected. Hurricane winds exact a non-linear force on structures and as wind speeds increase, the strength of windows becomes compromised. Once these barriers are broken, that force can affect the supporting structure of your home causing deeper damage and even home collapse. Investing in hurricane protection measures not only increases the value of your home or business, it also ensures that your property, belongings, and family will all remain safe during even the strongest of storm patterns.iStock_000020673463Large

For any architect or contractor responsible for the construction of homes or buildings on the East Coast, especially in Florida and coastal Texas, specing in the strongest impact resistant windows and doors should be a top priority. Forgoing these measures for any reason will only result in numerous repairs at the very least and at the worst, the toppling of the entire structure. Hurricanes are inevitable which is why choosing the best available products is the smartest and safest choice.

CGI doesn’t just create impact resistance doors and windows, they create the strongest impact resistance doors and windows on the market providing maximum protection. This is a promise every home and business owner deserves. Protect the people that live and work in your buildings by choosing CGI windows and doors from the beginning.

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