It’s never too early to prepare, prepare, prepare.

If you’re a parent, preparing for a storm takes on a whole new dimension: ensuring your family and children are safe is your top priority. Hurricanes can be quite scary, and fear of the unknown can easily upset children. The good people at – funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – have created wonderful kids online pages designed to draw youngsters of all ages into the preparation process and remove some of the fear.

Located at, the pages encourage children to “Be a Hero!” through knowledge and education. Fun games test their existing knowledge while reinforcing key elements of disaster preparedness. A “Build a Kit” game lets kids pick and choose items to create the perfect emergency kit, reinforcing what’s important and what’s not in an emergency.

We at CGI would like to challenge you to a Preparation Weekend. Choose a weekend (sooner rather than later) and focus your family on the importance of preparation. Adults can consult CGI’s, while the kids learn and play on the site listed above.

Planning ahead, discussing options calmly, and educating all family members well before a storm is on the radar will create a calmer, educated environment when the time comes.

Happy planning!

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