We understand the value of community, and of working together to achieve better tomorrows.

Recently, we were honored to be able to make two significant donations to improve our community. We don’t want to brag and make this about us, so we’ll share a bit about the people we helped.

IMG_2625Miami-Dade Fire Rescue is one of the largest in the country. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of fire fighters head to work throughout the Miami region every day, determined to make the world a better place. Some will see fires during their shift; some won’t. But what they all have in common: training. IMG_2617

Wesley Lebron is a training captain with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. He shared that as hurricane-resistant windows have grown in popularity to become standard practice, the job of the firefighter has grown more challenging. Think about it: We’re building literally tougher and tougher windows to keep out the deadly weather (an absolute necessity in this area of the country), but what about the first responders who need to get in through those same windows and doors?

To help with ongoing firefighter training, we donated a truckload of our old windows and doors. This way, the firefighters learn first-hand what it takes to breach our strong, durable windows. (According to the training captain, the strongest saws on site must be used due to the toughness of our products.)

IMG_0263The hands-on approach is what makes the difference for the firefighters. Lebron told us that it’s important to touch and feel and learn the products first-hand in order to know what must be done to save lives.

Habitat for Humanity is known to most of you: this non-profit, Christian ministry builds homes for people in need regardless of race or religion. This group has done amazing things worldwide; their goal is to raise the walls on their one millionth home before the end of 2015.

As part of the supplier side of homebuilding, it was our honor to donate a large amount of hardware, deadbolts, and levers – all brand-new and never used – to our local Habitat chapter. The items will be used to build homes across the Miami area.

How have you given back recently? Let us know!

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