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Florida International University students took to the waters of Lake yesterday, but it wasn’t sailing or swimming that peaked their interest: It was the opportunity to walk on water, and earn scholarship dollars in the process.

The “Walk on Water” contest began 25 years ago, with the first student crossing the lake in the fall of 1990. Today, students spend weeks creating specialized shoes designed to carry them across the lake in the shortest amount of time – and (hopefully!) with the least amount of contact with the water.

CGI Windows & Doors partnered with FIU by offering a $1,000 scholarship to one of the winners. “Recognizing and nurturing young architectural talent is key to the success of our industry,” said Steve Dawson, vice president and general manager of CGI. “The creativity and ingenuity exhibited by these kids is so impressive. We’re honored to help them reach their future goals. And who knows? Perhaps one day, one of these young architects will remember CGI products for a project … and we’d be thrilled to work with them!”

FIU Professor Jaime Canaves has assigned this project to his Materials & Methods of Construction class for more than 20 years: “There are very few things that are impossible if you do the research and you test it and you go through the design process. You can achieve almost anything and everything, including walking on water.”

Additional information: FIU’s “Walk on Water” program celebrates 25 years.

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